Support Service Plan for Non-Chinese Speaking Children

With the revision of the “Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme”. Our kindergarten not only serves children of Chinese descent, but also the children of different ethnicities. In order to enable children to “understand each other’s culture and living habits, cultivate values and attitudes that accept and respect others” from an early age. Especially the non-Chinese speaking children to adapt to the local school system and integrate into the society as soon as possible.

Cultural inclusion

Different cultures are respected in the campus atmosphere. Traditional Chinese festivals are organized, non-Chinese speaking parents and their children are invited to participate in the events, and there are sharing of different folk customs to promote mutual understanding. 

Support Content

We use different strategies to ignite children’s interest in learning Chinese Language.

School environment: Classrooms are decorated with Chinese elements. Through teaching material, educational games and books, non-Chinese speaking children are motivated to learn Chinese.

Using stories to learn Chinese:Through telling stories, children’s interest in learning Chinese will be aroused, and they will be nurtured to learn simple daily Chinese vocabulary and words.

Making friendly friends: Native Chinese-speaking children are encouraged to establish friendship with non-Chinese speaking children so as to help the latter gain an understanding of classroom activities, and promote their Chinese language development.