Curriculum Features

Learning Assessment

Our curriculum is designed to meet children’s developmental characteristics and needs based on the Kindergarten Curriculum Guide (2017) of the Education Bureau. We adopt the activity-based teaching approach to nurture children’s interests in different areas, in order to achieve the overall learning goals. Group work and project-based learning activities that link to learning units are carried out to enable children to learn from hands-on experience.

Religion Lesson

We use bible verses and religious education activities to introduce children to Jesus Christ and promote their moral development. Through learning about the fruits of the Holy Spirit, namely charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, children can develop positive values, a positive attitude, confidence and adaptability skills.

Biliteracy and Trilingualism

A rich array of language learning resources, with lessons delivered in the activity-based teaching approach, to help children learn English and Putonghua in a fun, relaxing way. Our native-speaking English teachers and professional Putonghua teachers engage children in interesting activities to allow children to learn through play.

Multiple Intelligences

Taking in account that STEM is a growing trend in today’s education, we integrate 3D printing into our curriculum to develop children’s interest in technology and nurture their creative thinking skills.

Anji Play

Anji Play proves that play is children’s favourite form of learning. It is also important in helping with children’s development. Anji Play caters to children’s innate needs, fostering children’s development in an open, self-determined and rich environment.